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Buy Where Shallows Talk together with Munnings and the River and save 20%. Orders for this set of books are fulfilled by The Munnings Art Museum. Purchases support the collection.

Munnings and the River: In his own words


Author: Marcia Whiting

Publisher: The Munnings Art Museum

Dimensions: 21 cm x 24 cm x 0.5 cm

Pages: 53


Sir Alfred Munnings is widely known for his equestrian paintings and love of horses. Perhaps not so well known, was his love of the river. Published in 2017, to accompany a successful exhibition of the same title, this book explores Munnings artistic and literary responses to the river, a subject for which he held such personal affection and affinity, that it remained a constant motif for him throughout his life.

Where Shallows Talk: Poetry and prose inspired by the paintings of Sir Alfred Munnings.


Author: Tim Gardiner

Publisher: The Munnings Art Museum

Dimensions: 21 cm x 24 cm x 0.8 cm

Pages: 76

Illustrations: 28

Designed and printed by 297 Limited


In 2017 the Munnings Art Museum opened a special exhibition entitled Munnings and the River. This was designed to reveal another side to the artist who is most well-known for the equine portraits that made him famous and wealthy. During the exhibition the museum engaged Tim Gardiner as Poet-in-Residence to create poetry and prose inspired by the paintings on display.

During the residency, forty-four poems, inspired by the landscape paintings of Sir Alfred Munnings, were published in twenty-three national and international poetry magazines and were included in two anthologies.

As part of the museum’s programme of public events there were poetry evenings for local writers, workshops focussing on Japanese haiku and tanka poetry, Pop-up Poets moving amongst the museum’s day visitors reading a selection of their own works and an open mic reading run during the high summer in a marquee on the museum lawn.

The Munnings Art Museum is delighted to present this book of creative written responses to the paintings of Sir Alfred Munnings. It is the perfect companion to the exhibition catalogue Munnings and the River: in his own words.

More Information
PublisherThe Munnings Art Museum
AuthorMarcia Whiting, Tim Gardiner
CollectionThe Munnings Art Museum