Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 23 (2018–2019)

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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 23 (2018–2019)

The SSAH annual journal is a leading Scottish periodical for the publication of new art historical research.

Volume 23 (2018–2019), Art Organisations and Institutions in Scotland, includes the following contents:

  • Sandy Wood – An Evolving World: The Kinross Scholarship, emerging artists and the Royal Scottish Academy collections
  • Karen Mailley-Watt – Women’s work praised: The Glasgow Society of Lady Artists (1882-1938)
  • Thea Stevens – The plaster cast collection of The Glasgow School of Art: history, aura and experience
  • Dan Brown – Means of production: fifty years of Scottish production facilities, 1967-2017
  • Gayle Nelson and Sharon Quigley – The Society of Scottish Artists (1891-2018)

About the Scottish Society for Art History

The SSAH was founded in 1984 to promote art history in Scotland. It is open to everyone interested in art, from those with a general interest to specialist scholars, students, teachers, curators, collectors and dealers.

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