Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 1 (1996)

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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 1 (1996)

The SSAH annual journal is a leading Scottish periodical for the publication of new art historical research.

Volume 1 (1996), Scotland and the Low Countries / Scotland and France, includes the following contents:

  • Margaret Swain - Flemish tapestry hangings in Scotland in the seventeenth century
  • Basil Skinner - Philip Tideman and the decoration of Hopetoun Hous
  • John Lowrey - The Influence of the Netherlands on early classicism and the formal garden in Scotland
  • John Frew - Scottish architecture and Holland, 1919–1939
  • Paul Stirton - Grez-sur-Long: an artists’ colony
  • Patrick Elliott - French and Scottish sculpture, 1890–1940
  • Françoise Garcia - The teaching of Andre Lhote
  • Ceçile Coutin - André Dunoyer de Segonzac, 1884–1974

About the Scottish Society for Art History

The SSAH was founded in 1984 to promote art history in Scotland. It is open to everyone interested in art, from those with a general interest to specialist scholars, students, teachers, curators, collectors and dealers.

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