Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 4 (1999)

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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Volume 4 (1999)

The SSAH annual journal is a leading Scottish periodical for the publication of new art historical research.

Volume 4 (1999), Art Academies / Spanish Art, includes the following contents:

  • Grier Gordon - The Foulis Academy, 1753–1776
  • George Fairfull Smith - Art and design education in Glasgow in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • George Rawson - The Glasgow Government School of Design, 1845–1853
  • Frances Fowle - The changing functions of the Royal Institution
  • Joanna Soden - The role of the RSA in art education during the nineteenth century
  • Nigel Thorp - Whistler and his students at the Académie Carmen
  • Hilary Macartney - The nobility of art: the Seville Academy founded by Murillo and a portrait of Philip IV at Pollok House
  • Alan K G Paterson - Three versions of art theory and practice by Don Pedro Calderón de la Barca
  • David Howarth - ‘The grand features of an unsubdued world’: William Robertson and the Spanish empire
  • Amaia Zulaika - The dissolution of the Spanish monasteries in the nineteenth century and its impact on Spanish art

About the Scottish Society for Art History

The SSAH was founded in 1984 to promote art history in Scotland. It is open to everyone interested in art, from those with a general interest to specialist scholars, students, teachers, curators, collectors and dealers.

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