Celtic Guardian

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Based on Celtic mythology, this figurine in hood and cloak is a spirit and guardian of a place or area. This lucky talisman is based on Roman era stone sculptures at Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. Snap up this miniature guardian for your mantelpiece and bless your home with its magical protection.

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Made in the UKYes
CollectionTullie House Museum and Art Gallery

About the maker, Ruth Charlton

Ruth is a Carlisle ceramic artist who has lived and worked in the North Lakes since 1988. She studied ceramics at Bath Academy of Art in the late 1970s and has worked as a professional artist since then.

Ruth's ceramic work has always had a strong figurative element, with particular emphasis on facial expressions. She works on a small scale, creating miniature portraits in clay and is currently working in porcelain, discovering the textures and intensity of colours available with this medium.

In an exclusive interview, ceramic artist Ruth Charlton tells us the story behind her beautiful Celtic Guardians.

What inspired you to create the figurines?

Ruth: I was very pleased when the shop manager from Tullie House contacted me to find out if I would be interested in making small replicas of some Roman era stone sculptures from the museum’s collection.

The figurines are quite unique – how do you make them?

Ruth: It was quite a challenge, as I had to scale down the pieces, make them in clay then cast plaster moulds of them. The next stage was to press clay into the moulds and work on the figures so that they are exact replicas of the originals just smaller. I then bisque fire them up to 1000⁰C, apply oxides and refire them at 1200⁰C.